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Secrets of a Realtor in Delray Beach the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

realtor in delray beach florida In any industry, there are bound to be secrets that only members of that circle know about. These are the kinds of things that only get whispered in the ears of an outsider if you’ve earned their trust. The same is true in the real estate industry. Here are some secrets from a Delray Beach Realtor that the industry clearly doesn’t want you to know:

  • They sell properties to sell themselves.

We always tell people that realtors sell properties because they take their clients’ best interests to heart. While this sounds noble enough, there really is a much more personal reason why agents can be so overzealous in their activities whether they’re helping someone sell or buy a property. They sell properties not so much to sell the merits of the house, but rather to sell themselves. It is quite understandable. If they are able to facilitate the sale of a property, then other potential sellers will be looking for their services. The better the outcome of the transaction, the better it is for them as professional realtors.

  • There’s no such thing as buying a dream house.

We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but there really is no such thing as a dream house if you’re only going to buy it. If you really want the property of your dreams in Delray Beach, then the only way to do this is to build it from the ground up. It is the only way you can ever truly call your home a dream come true. But if you’re simply buying a readily available property, there will always be certain elements that are not exactly to your taste. You can change these, of course, but that would mean another investment coming from your bank.

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More Delray Beach Realtor Tips

  • The commissions are highly variable.

Everyone knows that the commission is split 50/50 between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. One thing you should know is that high-end properties typically command a much lower commission rate than those in the lower end of the price range, even in Delray. Here’s the thing: the lower the price of the property the faster it sells. The faster the property gets sold the faster the realtor can get on with the next transaction.

  • Most homes are simply not worth as much as sellers think.

According to realtors in Delray Beach, there are two types of home sellers. One is someone who thinks his property is worth a lot of money than it actually is. The other one is someone who simply cannot let go of this line of thinking. You have to understand that realtors are well-versed with prevailing market values. They’ve worked with assessors and home inspectors to get a fair idea of how much a property is really worth. Unfortunately, some property sellers simply think that their homes are gold.

These secrets may make you think lowly of realtors. The good news is that there are always exceptions. That is why it is important to choose wisely the realtor in Delray Beach who will represent you in either selling your house or securing your ideal home. Sheerin Feizi is a highly experienced and professional realtor and you will enjoy working with her as your homes representative.